When families crack under the strain of unemployment and addiction, it’s the children who suffer most. For almost 30 years, one courageous woman has been giving a helping hand to Latvian kids in dire straits.
Philip Birzulis, 27.04.2021
This year, Riga’s oldest park, Viesturdārzs, celebrates its 300th anniversary. A scholar with green thumbs is researching its eventful life and sharing the stories with the latest technology.
Philip Birzulis, 20.04.2021
On November 18, Latvians will fly their maroon and white flag with pride to celebrate Independence Day. Now, meet a man who dared to raise the banner during the Soviet occupation, epitomising his people’s unbreakable spirit.
Philip Birzulis, 17.11.2020
The intriguing, all-female ensemble Svīres are giving Latvian music an exciting and eclectic new spin. They’ve just released their first album, and this is only the start of a rich creative journey.
Philip Birzulis, 06.10.2020