Latvietis Var Visu!

"Understand - money needs to be made! Nobody gives out shoes for free." To become a successful business shark, you have to study all life long.


Latvietis Var Visu!

Believe in yourself! 
No dream is too big to achieve - don’t listen to anyone, who tells you otherwise!


Latvietis var visu - trailer for upcoming inspirational video series about lifelong education!

Coming soon!

Let's inspire ourselves and others and find the motivation together to keep studying all life long. This is how we stay forever young and let's be real - Latvians can everything! #LatvietisVarVisu


Latvian talents EP 26 - Brain games

You can never be too old for board games! The board game creators of the Latvian company "Brain Games" guide us through the process of playing and creating new games, as well as bringing them to the international level.


Latvian celebrities congratulate the class of 2020

With the initiative from 3 high school graduates - Paula Biša, Elizabete Lūse un Patrīcija Bajāre - many famous Latvian personalities congratulate the class of 2020. We wish you luck and more success to come!