Over coming months, LSM will be running a weekly series of features about some of Latvia's most successful and innovative exporting companies. We have been visiting them at locations all across Latvia and hearing about the places they say are important to them. The series is produced in cooperation with The Red Jackets, the organization championing Latvia's leading export companies.

The Torņakalns district of Rīga is like a haphazard archaeological excavation in which the researchers have dug to random depths and revealed plots from different eras. Wooden shacks sway in a freezing winter wind beside the mansions of mysteriously wealthy owners around the frozen waters of Māras dīķis (Mary's pond), a local landmark upon which the ducks are skating. Walk parallel with the railway line, past the museum dedicated to poet Ojārs Vācietis and you reach the headquarters of Draugiem Group, which styles itself a “U.S. and Latvian IT company” (and employs almost 500 people - 230 in Latvia and 250 elsewhere in the world) and of which on-demand printing company Printful is currently the stand-out exporting component.

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